Thursday, July 28, 2011



SODIUM LAUREL SULFATE/SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE:  This is a common ingredient used in GARAGE FLOOR CLEANERS, DISH SOAP, TOILETTE BOWL CLEANER...oh wait SHAMPOO, BODY WASHES, TOOTHE PASTE, FACIAL CLEANSERS pretty much anything that produces suds!  Its known as a SURFACTANT.  This is ranked very high as a hazerdous chemical.  Proven to cause CANCER, DEPRESSION, EYE DAMAGE and MANY other ailments.  STAY AWAY FROM THIS INGREDIENT!!

TALC:  Talc is a very inexpensive filler used in MAKEUP, BABY AND ADULT POWDERS, and FOUNDATIONS.  It is a CHEAP WAY to BULK UP THE PRODUCTS and make MORE MONEY off the consumer at the expense of being a PROVEN LINK to OVARIAN AND TESTICULAR CANCER!!

MINERAL OIL:  Sounds natural and good?  NATURAL DOESN'T always mean GOOD...Would you SLATHER OIL FROM YOUR CAR ON YOUR FACE OR BODY worse yet on your BABYMINERAL OIL is DERIVED from PETROLEUM!!  It is in MOST beauty products on the market.  How it works?  IT COATS THE SKIN LIKE PLASTIC WRAP!  It stands in the skins way of its NATURAL function of realeasing toxins from the also slows down the skins natural cell development causing PREMATURE AGING!!  Why is it in ALMOST ALL ANTI WRINKLE CREAMS??  EASY ITS CHEAP!  Baby Oil is 100% Mineral Oil!!

PARABENS (Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, Butyl):  A WIDELY used PRESERVATIVE used in COSMETICS and PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS.  An estimated 75% to 90% of cosmetics use them.  Parabens are believed to be ESTROGEN-MIMICS, which can cause some women to DEVELOP BREAST CANCER!

BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE:  One of the NUMBER 1 causes of ADULT ACNE.  Bismuth is a known skin can cause skin to become itchy and actually in some cases burn skin and cause PERMANENT SKIN DISCOLORATION.  Bismuth is a CHEAP FILLER, the same powder filler used to fill prescription drugs.  Many BIG NAME make up companies use Bismuth Oxychloride...You would be SHOCKED to know this penny filler is the NUMBER 1 INGREDIENT in a  NOW Japanese Owned, Well known Mineral Makeup!  Look it up!!

Okay ladies this is the beginning of a new journey!  We will start here and go much deeper!  LOVE YOUR SKIN, FEED IT WELL!

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